On Fri, 16 Apr 1999, Dana Dorsett wrote:
> >Put skiis on shoulder.  Climb to Muir (about 13,500' elev)
> >
> >Ski/traverse back to Paradise.
> >
> >Gorgeous day.  Huge snow fields.  Great view of Mt. St. Helens with
> >still-conical top.
> Sound's _very_ familiar- 'ceptin' for the altitudes:  Last time I was
> there Paradise was just a shade over 5k' or so, and Camp Muir was a
> hair over 10k' (still thin enough air for us flatlanders :-). But it's
> still a _great_ run of nearly 5k vertical feet that I'd recommend to
> anyone who skis above an intermediate level.

How bad were the sun cups? When I was there a couple of years ago the
suncups (and billions of footprints) on parts of the Muir Snowfield were
the size of small moguls, looked like a rough ski surface. The
shorter but steeper snowfield and chutes leading down toward the Nisqually
glacier looked like the best skiing. There was also an enormous 50' snow
wave at the bottom of the main snowfield (near treeline I guess) that was
tons of fun to play on (even without skis). Oh, and the view down off the
skiers-left edge of the snowfield over the of Paradise Glacier  was
awesome, my first real experience with a glacier. You could here the
thing groaning and cracking as it went over the edge of the


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