On Friday, April 16, 1999 6:08 PM, Dana Dorsett
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> Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> >>What are the optimal dates for Tuckerman's this year?
> >
> >I've been checking the reports every day and it's still winter up there.
> [snip]
> >Guys like Jerm can have it now.  I am not nearly good enough to
> >put myself on a 45 deg. slope of frozen boilerplate.
> I'm with you on this one! I was scheduled to guide a small band of Mt.
> Washington newbies up to the Gulf of Slides tomorrow but my wife talked
> me out of it (something about being able to afford a good lawyer :-)

        YEAH!   I'm in.  I wanna' go next Saturday.  Gulf of Slides?  Sure!  You can
have the crowded 45-55 degree slopes in Tucks.  Let's check out the 30-40
slopes in the Gulf of Slides and have them almost all to ourselves.  I have
not made it there yet.  I've heard that the Gulf of Slides ski trail on the
descent is a wilder/woolier version of the Sherburne trail - another great
roller coaster ride!

> but I was getting skeptical watching the evolving reports anyway.  My
> brother is taking them instead- swinging by my place tonight to borrow
> a couple pair of crampons.
> I'd say this weekend is definately _not_ an optimal date!
> (I sure hope they practice self arresting before climbing very high on
> the slides!)

        You laugh, but some weenie was up there in recent years and self-arrested
with his trusty ice axe;  the problem was that he did it wrong and wound up
impaling himself with the spike/shaft - yup, he came down to Pinkham Notch
with an ice axe imbedded in his gut.


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