Wow there's alot of snow on Mt Washington (not Vt).  Parked at 8:50am in
the main lot of Pickham Notch near the bottom of the ski trail.  The wind
was calm and the temp was about 40.  Most of the mountain was in clouds.
 This was good because I was with someone who never walked/climbed up to
Tuck's and I don't know if she would have if she saw how BIG Mt Washington
is before.  We went inside and checked the reports.

We started up the trail at 9:15 and it was snow covered right from the
beginning.  We quickly got hot so at the first bridge we left only a t
shirt on and shorts.  There was hardly any wind to cool us off.  We made
good time to hermit lake shelter.  About 1hour 40 minutes.  Still no wind
but about 20 F.  We put on warmer clothes and headed up to the ravine.  The
rocks, which when I have been there in the past were steps, were covered
with snow.  When we got into the bowl it was cloudy and you couldn't see
very far so I decided I would climb up and Kathleen should hang at the
lunch rocks since she had no idea what the headwall looked like.  One of
the first lunch rocks showing through the snow was the one with the cross
painted on it.

I had every intention on climbing up and over the headwall because the snow
was soft and pretty consistent.  However, as I got within 100 vft of the
top of the right side of the headwall I realized that I couldn't go any
further.  Too steep without an ice ax or at least skies to poke into the
ground.  As I climbed to a rock to put my board on a girl in line above me
fell and slide about 50 feet.  The soft snow which allowed her to stop but
she was far away from any foot ladder now.  Right after that my foot broke
through a foot hold and I dropped about 3-4 feet.  Very scary.  I could see
the skiers climbing above me were having alot of trouble; so I said no
further. I turned myself around and put my board on.  I was practically
standing straight up with my heels, butt and back all touching the slope.
 I made a heel side turn and jump turned the other way.  I swear my chest
was 6 inches from the slope on the toe side turn.  That is how steep this
was.  What a rush.

Made it to the bottom of the bowl.  Then I climbed up about 200 vft three
times to hit a jump that was set up below the lunch rocks.  Met back up
with Kathleen and  we skied out of the bowl.  A little tricky in one
section but I didn't have to unclip from my board.  The snow was great.
 Real snow, not homemade snow like we have been skiing on at Killington.
 There were nice bump lines down from the bowl.  The river near the shelter
was completely covered.  I had ski poles with me so even the traverse/ flat
spots didn't bother me.  The ski trail was mostly flat with the steeper
sections having bumps.  The trail was open to the last cut off.  There was
a sign that said the rest of the way was impassable.  But it should have
said it was passable if you have no regard for your equipment.  We went for
it.  The trail was skiable( although down to two feet wide with bare spots)
to about 200 vft above the parking lot.

At this time the skies were clear and we could see our accomplishment.
 What a feeling.

Sunday we had one of the best days of spring skiing ever at Wildcat.

Garry Waldeck

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