Wildcat was charging $46 for tickets.  I think it was worth it.  They have
a very high speed quad which rises 2100 vft in about 6 minutes.  And they
were running it at full speed.  40 of the 44 trails were open.  The trail
under this lift was amazing.  Bumps from top to bottom.  That is 2100 feet
of bumps every time but one.  These bumps were perfect spring bumps and a
trail rating of double black and black.  That's right black top to bottom,
no run out!  These bumps had good line lines, no-amateurs made these bumps.
 In a couple of sections the trail got steep, narrow and you had to avoid
rocks, stumps, and regular old bare spots, but it was a blast.  The
majority of the trail was packed with snow though.

After lunch I said to Kathleen, let's explore the mountain alittle since we
have been skiing this right down the front trail all morning.  We took a
black into a blue which had been groomed.  Boy do groomed trails suck.
 Didn't do that again.  In fact we looked for ways though the woods to get
back to the bumps.

The ski area was deserted by 2:00.  It was like they were running the lift
only for us and maybe 10 other people.

Other highlights:

at lunch I order a hot dog and the guy gave me two. he said they were
beautiful day. about 50 with lots of sun.
skiing under the lift with no one on the lift to watch.
great company.

Why don't more people ski this time of year?  It is soooooo much better
than skiing on a cold day in Jan. on frozen granular.  Plus the restaurants
and hotels are easy to get into.

Garry Waldeck

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