Well, I'm posting this message from Salt Lake City.  I am interviewing for
a postdoctoral position at the University of Utah.  I got in on Saturday
night (4/24) and went to Snowbird on Sunday.  They had reported 2-3 inches
of new snow.  The weather Sunday was very interesting, it was sunny, blue
skies and in the fifties in the morning and by 1 PM clouds and fog had
rolled in and then it started snowing (wet snow).  It was white conditions
at the top for the rest of the day.  I skied all over the mountain and had
a great time.  I was on my tele gear so I had to take a lot of breaks to
catch my breath.  At the top I could really feel the altitude.  They have
some great terrain there.  I found some very steep tree areas (Gad
chutes?) by following the ridge line from the tram and the dropping off to
skiers left that led to the mid lodge.  I was in calf to thigh deep snow
in there.  Overall It was a great day.

Gotta love taking advantage of free travel.  My travel expenses are being
paid for by my prospective boss.  Two weeks ago I skied in the Cascades
(White Pass) and yesterday I skied in Utah.


Jay Amicangelo
Chemistry Department
University of Vermont
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