On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Dana Dorsett wrote:
> this weekend due to conditions.  Two hints:  Waiting is a valid technique,
> one that can save your life someday; and when conditions are on the icy side
> explore the aspects with the most sun, not the northerly or easterly gullies
> like Hillmans or the Left Gully.  I'm sure the Right Gully & the Lobster
> Claw were in much better shape! (He says confidently, in spite of the fact
> that he wasn't there... :-)

Yeah, I knew that. The only reason I skied Hillmans was cause I couldnt
convince my asthmatic girlfriend to walk the extra 20 minutes or so... and
I figured if I went up into the Bowl alone she'd end up waiting a really
long time. There was some windblown near the top of Hillmans that I could
see.. and that kinda coaxed me past the rubble on the lower half. I
probaby managed about 300 ft of semi decent skiing on the upper
skiers-right chute, then it degraded.. but by then it was pretty easy

You're right about Lobster Claw though.. it does get pretty soft -- though
we were there pretty late in the day this time and I think that most
everything was firm by then ... even Sherburne was getting crunchy.
Last April we did Lobster Claw on a similar day and found soft corn, when
everyone else was scraping down the Headwall.


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