Even though the avi hazard was posted as "LOW" note that it doesn't mean
you won't run into problems.  If it weren't for the guys who rode the
slab down in Hungtinton that day I suppose the guy in the following
report would have been all over the news.

(posted without permission of the author)

---------------------begin included message---------------------------
The day we skied Tucks it was real foggy until just about 1 pm.
The top of The Lip was scraped with piled death cookies - had obviously
seen mucho traffico. I started down just before it cleared (I shoulda
waited), snagged something resistant with my left ski and took a long
slide. Other than breaking my ski and cutting my lip, it was exciting
(Score: Tuckerman Ravine 2 : Dale -2). After that it was clear and I
decided to climb up to one of the rocks at the bottom left of The Chute and
ski the bowl (I hadn't detected the broken ski yet because it wasn't
visible until after I skied on it). On the way up, two skiers set off a
small slide that sounded very loud. I could see the snow bounce over some
of the rocks so I yelled at 4 skiers who were in the path. Two moved under
a rock out of the way, but two guys who were skiing were taken out. It was
too small a slide to bury them, but one ended up with a broken leg and had
to be hauled out. There were three more similar slides set off by skiers
coming down the Left Gully soon thereafter (it is amazingly how loud even a
tiny slide can be). I found a 7-8 foot deep crevasse about 2 foot wide and
spreading 20 feet end to end on my climb. At that point I skied down for my
pack on the lunch rocks (discovering in the process that I had a very short
left ski) and told the gang that for safety's sake we had to go, NOW!.
However, we had to wait for Chris who had climbed all the way up through
The Chute to the top and was working up the courage to come down. He looked
pretty impressive banking down through The Chute. It was fun skiing the
moguls on the Sherburne with almost a foot of my left ski flopping in the
----------------------------end included message----------------------

So keep your avi-eyes open out there- even an "isolated pocket of instability"
can mess you up.

Anybody heard updates on the guys who got hurt in Huntington that day?


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