Today was a $19 (total price) Vermont resident ski day
at Killington.  Regular price is $35 plus tax.  The guy
at the information desk where I got my VT day ticket said
that if you present a lift ticket from anywhere from this year,
you'll get $10 off the $35.  When it's just the Superstar lift
left running, he said the word is that they'll drop the price to $25
plus tax with the $10 off deal still in effect, as far as he knows.
  Currently, at least on weekdays, they are running the
Superstar detach quad, the K1 gondola and the Canyon fixed quad.
  You can make it over to many of the Snowden trails off K1 and you
can ski straight ahead off the Superstar quad and ski some of those
blue trails until you have to traverse back over on the Snowshed
Crossover.  The upper Needle's Eye terrain is similarly open. I
didn't do any of that.
  So, I got on the Superstar quad at 9 AM and did some high speed
cruisers down SkyeLark, the only trail groomed on the Superstar
"front side".  There were very few people and I got about 5 non-stop
wall-to-wall GS runs until the slush divots, mostly from snowboarders,
made GS arcing no longer fun.  Bittersweet and Superstar were ungroomed
and had firmed up slightly overnight and improved with traffic.  Today
was definitely a steep-is-better day because of the slush factor.
  Then up K1 and down a still un-slushed up Cascade to the Canyon quad
to do a few East Fall and Dipper, etc. runs.  The trees which benefit
from snow gun blow-off still have some life left in them.
  Then back to Superstar.  By mid-morning, SkyeLark had turned into
a chopped up slush trail.  SkyeHawk headwall (skier's right of the
Superstar headwall) is on good shape, and skier's left of the
mid-section of Ovation was fun, but any rain will do it in, there
is already "some walking required" to get back to the top of the
bottom pitch of Superstar.
  There are a lot of fun corn snow bumps to ski.

  Word has it that they'll try to keep K1 and Canyon open until
the May 1 weekend.  Then it will be just the Superstar quad.
  The next VT resident ski day is May 4th.

  - Randy

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