Short report on Whistler

Skied six days straight, pretty much lift opening to lift closing, skipped
lunch last two days.

This isn't Mad River: zero base or edge damage.

This is Mad River: Jumpin' Jimmy broke a ski and a pole, I twisted/strained
my back and couldn't walk upright for three days. But we skied on...

This isn't Mad River: Whistler Village reminds me of Disneyland with reebs.
It was the tail end of the "World Ski and Snowboard Festival:" live bands,
lots of skin, lots of drinking, partying, and carrying on.

This isn't Vermont: After skiing the Blackomb Glacier for the frist time on
our last day, we went back and did it again as last run of the season. I
couldn't go back to Stowe right now even if it was open, let alone hike it.
Ditto Killington. T'would be a Supreme Anticlimax.

This is Vermont: we skied every possible snow and weather condition seen
during the entire Vermont season, save the mid-janaury sub-zero brutal cold
condition -- including one very short piece of optional side trail way at
the bottom marked as having "marginal conditions" because it had a couple
of bare spots and a rock or two. Sometimes all in one run. Rain, corn,
rock-hard-frozen, powder, fog, sun, ...

This isn't Vermont: Day one, skied Blackcomb top to bottom twice, ran over
to Whistler, skied it top to bottom twice, maybe three times. Four, maybe
five runs, 20-25 thousand vertical. Then changed to t-shirts and had dinner
and reeb al fresco. This place rocks.

Settled snow base at mid-mountain when we left: 154".

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