>>>>(Out of lurker mode) My fiance and I plan on moving out West in
     June. He has the chance to telecommute to the software job he has now
     in Cambridge. Since we could technically live anywhere we want, we are
     kind of stumped. We want to live fairly close to good skiing and in an
     area that does not close its sidewalks at 5 pm.

     Our first thoughts have been about Boulder. We hear it is beautiful,
     the people are friendly, an

     No doubt there are a lot of fun things to do around Boulder.  If
     you're serious about doing a lot of skiing, though, I'd look
     elsewhere.  My cousin and her husband lived in Boulder, when I visited
     we spent more time waiting in traffic to get to the mountains than we
     did skiing.

     If you want a semi-developed towns, other places up in the mountains
     in Colorado would probably be cool- Vail, aspen, gunnison, etc.  But
     if you want epic terrain and snowfall close by, you'll have to move to
     a town that's full of hippie-type ski bums, like Jackson Hole,
     Montana, Lake Tahoe, etc.  Look on the bright side: your fiancee will
     be the only person in town making more than $6.00 an hour, you'll live
     like kings.

     My personal recommendation - Rangeley, Maine.  Great nightlife, you
     can make friends with a lot of moose.  Oops, I forgot, they don't have
     a local ISP yet.


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