My name is Todd Kehoe & I am  a Sugarbush freeskier who currently
goes to Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.  I have skied for a
good time at  S'Bush & my father is on the patrol there as well.  I
have skied with Dougie Slifkin (Pennslyvania Sophomore an Grovvy UV
aka  UVM) once and will be next year.

To put in my say on where you should move in the USA, try Salt Lake
City Utah you within a half hour away from Alta, Snowbird, Solitude,
Brighton, Park City, Deer Valley & The Canyons all 30-45 minutes
away.  I have been to Salt City a couple years ago when I went to
Snowbird, Alta, & Solitude which are all ski areas.  I found Salt
Lake pretty nice, I loved it.

Thirdly next summer on my break between my sophomore & junior year I
am thinking of going down to new zealand working at one of the ski
areas from june to late august.  I get have an endless winter, I am
gonna love it.  If you wanna take a look at some of the  newzealand
ski area sites look at these.

If any of you look on the  ASC ( RSN message board or
The  RSN board on my handle is 'Todd the Sugarbush

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