After being delayed a bit in Burlington Erin and I finally made it to the
Rockpile a bit after noon and started out hike. There was no snow up to
the top of the second swithcback, but after that there was a consistent
snowpack to walk on. The snow really just ends at that elevation right
now, doesnt really fade like it does most years. unfortunately it was a
rather cold day and with our late startwe just opted for Hillmans. Turned
out that wasnt a good idea either and it froze up on me. I made it to the
top though where I found some new snow blown in the skiers right gully,
just enough to keep me from blowing turns on my decade-old dynastars. The
rest of the run was a real test of my ability -- frozen chopped up corn
bumps, ouch. I cut over to Lower Snowfield in hops of finding a smoother
surface but found much of the same.

At Hojos, Erin said a bunch of drunkards were entertained by my descent (I
was the only one up there at the time). The descent to Pinkham was less
bone-jarring, but the Sherburne is pretty bumped up and Erin's knees
werent too happy. I stretched the run out as far as I could, linking snow
and grass spots, but we were forced to quit at the crossover just above
the 2nd switchback.

Hojos was booked when we got there, with overflow traffic headed up Gulf
of Slides. A couple of boarders from UVM we met were planning on spending
the night on the Boot Spurr trail just outside the Cutler River no-camping
zone. I told em Gulf of Slides woulf probably be a better bet.. more
places to camp etc and they changed their plans. It was getting dark as
they left, gotta wonder how far up they made it before pitching camp.

On the way home we had to stop on Rt 16 to let two moose go by, they
were pretty oblivious to the concept of traffic, as I suppose they should


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