VAIL, Thursday, April 22, 1999
Four inches new was reported, but things looked pretty thin from the
Lionshead base, where we are vacationing for a week.  However, I was happy
to discover that Chair 5 out of the Back Bowls was still open.  So I was
pretty happy as I boarded that big, 8-person ganjala out of Lionshead.

After riding up the Game Creek lift, I headed into Sun Up bowl to see what
trouble I could find.  The snow was a very wet and heavy 4 inches, but
pretty much untouched.  I had a lot of fun making tracks in the back bowls
(Sun Up and Sun Down) all morning.

After lunch down at the condo, I decided to see how Vail's front-side bumps
were faring.  Primo to Pronto was open and in excellent shape.  The bumps
were really a much nicer skiing surface with all that wet (did I say
heavy?) snow than the bowls.  The lower mountain is really thin and you
have to pick your way around bare spots if you don't want to ride a lift

Overall, the skiing was fun, but not good enough to really get excited about.

COPPER, Friday, April 23, 1999
Well, as I went to bed Thursday night, it was snowing.  YAY!!  A call to
the snow phone 1st thing in the AM confirmed that Copper was the place to
be that morning.  Vail reported 4 inches and the snow outside the condo was
the same heavy glop as the day before.  Copper, however, reported 9 inches
and we hopped in the car (late start - The Wife was in tow) for the 25 min
drive over Vail pass back to Copper.

YOWZA!  I wish I had been here 1st thing this morning.  The powder was very
fine - not smoke, but light and fluffy.  We spent the day on the
Excelerator, American Flyer and the new Super Bee 6 person quad, looking
for untouched lines.  Wasn't too hard to find these!

Towards the end of the day, I ventured as far to the skier's left I could
go without cutting any ropes.  Much of the stuff was closed over there, not
due to lack of snow, but I assume due to lack of staff.  Nonetheless, the
trail under the old A lift double was almost untouched and had wonderful,
wonderful pillow bumps that were sublime.  Leaving The Wife at the base of
Super Bee to work on her tan, I ran off two quick runs here and enjoyed
every minute of the powder.

Copper's on the menu for today, with them reporting another 3 inches new.
I think most CO areas will close after today (it's Vail and Copper's
closing days) and only Breckinridge and A-Basin might be left.

Jonathan Kamien
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