Mark wrote:

        I believe that they are charging $19/day, now, until their
closing which is May 2.  This won't be a problem as The Cat's high base
elevation (2,000 ft) enables it to maintain a base for a long while.


That is true.  Its $19/day now.  They have plenty of snow to make it to May
2nd but Sunday the place was empty.  In fact, the person I was with said to
me " why is this place open?",  I said " I'm just glad they are".  And I
added " it's always like this in the middle to late spring".

Why should Wildcat stay open if on a beautiful spring day (like Sunday)
there are no people skiing?

Garry Waldeck

PS.  Anyone else sick of people asking you if you are going skiing this
weekend and you say yes, then the next thing they say is " there's no
snow!" or "is there any snow?".  I just said I was going skiing!

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