Well, I went snowboarding at Killington on Saturday (4-24) and it was rock
hard.  The temp at 12 noon at KBL was a balmy 30F.  The sky was blue but
there was a strong wind.

When I went out to get coffee in the am I looked up at the slopes and saw
Superstar had bumps top to bottom same with cascade, double dipper,
escapade, and downdraft.  I thought that the bumps would be awesome.  But
it never warmed up.  Superstar, cascade, double dipper, and others never
opened.  They were all total death ice.  The tracks from the day before
were evident and frozen in time.  Pole plant holes were frozen holes on the
tops of the bumps.  The only trails open were a couple that were groomed
that morning.  East Fall was the best open run and that had thick piles of
mush with ice base between.

We heard Outer Limits was open so we ventured over thinking it would be
soft, but it wasn't soft at all.  I went down OL about 100 feet and took my
board off and walked back UP the trail.  Too hard/ frozen.

As we walked back to the truck two snowboarders in shorts walked past us
towards the lift.  Kathleen said to them, "It's colder than you think".
 They said " maybe for a girl".  I thought that was pretty funny since
Kathleen can ski bumps better than almost any snowboarder.  We just laughed
at them.

Although the skiing was terrible there is alot of snow left on the major
snowmaking trails and a bad day of skiing is better than not skiing.

So far I have 7 positive responses to a SKIVT-L get together on May 8th.
 There should still be good coverage for May 8th, let's hope for warm

Did anyone on the list goto the Mini-skirt party at the Pickle Barrel
Saturday Night?  I had a ticket but had a much better offer.

Garry Waldeck

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