It must have softened up real fast.  When we finally heard it was open
it was around 11:00AM and when we got over there it was just right nice even
loose corn snow.  We got in two runs before a late lunch and by the time we got
back over there around 1:30 it was bottomless mush and the downhill sides of
the moguls were solid ice from the meltdown rate.  Boy there were a zillion
people on that trail, most burning hard straight line shots down the center.
Too bad the trail back over to the Killington side disappeared in just a couple
of hours.  The start from the top of the K1 around that switchback disappeared
during the day also but Cascade& Double Dipper never softened at all that day.
Definitely a weird ski day.

Garry Waldeck wrote:

> We heard Outer Limits was open so we ventured over thinking it would be
> soft, but it wasn't soft at all.  I went down OL about 100 feet and took my
> board off and walked back UP the trail.  Too hard/ frozen.

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