Marc Guido, armed with the latest in internet technology
but lacking some of the facts, bashes:

> > American Skiing Company Expects Good Third Quarter
> However, at nearly the same time, they announced that
> they are delaying the K/Pico interconnect for yet another
> year due to poor financial results.

I suppose that if you're a geologist, this announcement
came at nearly the same time.  I believe it was first
announced around Killington in early February which hardly
can be called "nearly the same time" in my book.  I take
real issue with the mindless knee-jerk bashing people give
to ASC.  ASC may have made some major mistakes in deciding
to finance their expansion with debt instead of equity and
committed huge public relations gaffes at some of their resorts
but, all things considered, I think they're doing positive
things for the sport.

Just one person's opinion,

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