Randy Witlicki writes:

> mid-section of Ovation was fun, but any rain will do
> it in, there is already "some walking required" to get
> back to the top of the bottom pitch of Superstar.

The "some walking" is only about 10 feet but Ovation won't
last past the weekend without some major hiking.  Too bad
since it's been superb for weeks.

> There are a lot of fun corn snow bumps to ski.

The pick of the day was my 4 runs on Outer Limits.  We
left 4 cars at the locked Bear parking lot gate at 9:00.
My first run of the day was on untracked deep corn snow
on OL at around 10:00. Absolutely superb conditions and
you could ski the trail like it had a foot of heavy powder
on it.  I had a "Killington experience" on it yesterday.
Six of us were on it when another group of five showed up
above us.  I skied the middle half of the trail nonstop and
as I was most of the way through my turns, some guy skied
up behind me at high speed screaming at me to get out of
his line. 11 people on a huge closed trail and I'm getting
screamed at after about 200 linked turns... only at

We also hiked up Killink from the bottom of West Glade to
catch a run on Low Rider.  Low Rider also won't make it
much beyond this weekend and the lower part is quite thin.
From K Peak, The Light, Escapade, middle Downdraft, and
Big Dipper between the rope and the trees still have pretty
good cover.  It's also possible to ski Catwalk from the
Cascade headwall traverse, Cascade headwall, and the right
branch of the top part of Escapade though these are all
roped off.  Some friends poached Julio a couple of days
ago and report that the top is great but the bottom required
some sidestepping and the runoff on Flume is mostly gravel.


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