Jerm writes:

> Sort of on the same topic..
> At the skivt-l partee, John Crowley and I were talking about
> moving to big ski mountains, known for intermediate terrain
> but with lots of gnarly stuff tucked in the folds, that have
> a primarily family-based clientele.


> The place that kept coming up was Snowmass.

I agree with this.  There are so many acres there that it's a
wonderful place on a powder day.

> Anyone know of other places like this?

Deer Valley, Utah is another such place.  The DV clientele is
mostly Bogner-wearing gazillionaires who ski the groomers.  The
steeper stuff and tree skiing is pretty much ignored on a powder
day.  While it doesn't have much oh-my-gosh steep terrain other
than some 3-500 vert steep shots in the new Empire Canyon area,
it does have a lot of interesting terrain.  You've also got a
couple of other areas in Park City to chose from.  The Canyons
is huge, has lots of interesting terrain, and is virtually empty.
Park City Mtn Resort also has some good terrain back on Jupiter
but the locals seem to track out all the good stuff quickly.  The
Park City area don't meet your requirement of being far from a
metro area but there are so many resorts within an hour of Salt
Lake City that the locals are spread out pretty well.


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