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Are the kids alright?

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Hard on the heels of the Littleton, Col., massacre, another school
shooting took place in another place where you least expect it --
Taber, Alberta.

What's going on?

Are these just isolated incidents, or symptomatic of a deeper

How much does access to guns play a role?

Should the role of parents be under attack?

How can we tell if our kids are on the edge of something violent?

No easy questions, or answers

This group is not moderated. The rules: No profanity, no advocacy of
violence or law-breaking, no libel or slander.


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- Are the kids alright?
    Hard on the heels of the Littleton, Col., massacre, another school
    shooting took place in another place where you least expect it --
    Taber, Alberta. What's going on?
    Join the discussion...
- Teen takes loaded gun, hit list to school
    A 13-year-old California boy with a loaded handgun and a hit list of
    30 names was arrested at school Thursday - the most serious of
    another wave of bomb scares and threats to disrupt schools since the
    Colorado massacre.
- UK's Mirror Weighs Into Free Internet War (UK)
    British newspaper publisher Mirror Group Plc on Friday upped the
    stakes in the escalating battle to capture Internet market share
    with the launch of its free Net access service ic24.
- Internet Hoaxes prey on the gullible (Canada)
    TORONTO (CP) -- Internet users beware!!! There's a new virus that
    will erase your hard drive, steal sensitive information and rewrite
    your software!!!
- Who's Community Is It, Anyway? (US)
    A while back I used to get really excited about the concept of
    'community' on the Net. I saw a community as a marketplace. I saw
    money. The first thing that put a dent in this thinking was my
    experience with our small community of subscribers at
- Backlash: Littleton Tragedy Jolts Internet Future (US)
    For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. The
    Internet pushed us full throttle toward freedom of expression. The
    tragic shootings in Littleton may be the catalyst that ignites the
    reaction. A Gallup Poll suggests Americans think the Internet shares
    almost as much blame for the Littleton tragedy as the availability of
    guns. Littleton is one piece of a mounting backlash against a
    free-wheeling Web. Consider these recent events:
- S'pore Network Becomes 1st Asian Partner For Internet2 (Asia)
    The Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network (SingAREN)
    became the first research network in Asia to connect to the US
    Internet2 member universities on both the vBNS and Abilene networks
    when Thursday it signed an MoU with the University Corporation for
    Advanced Internet Development (UCAID).
- More Computer Use in Peace Corps (US)
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Most Peace Corps volunteers still don't have a TV
    or home phone on their overseas assignments, but a surprisingly
    large majority now have ready access to computers and e-mail.
- Fighting the war on the Web (Balkans)
    Imagine if computers and the Internet had existed during World War
    II. You would have sat in front of your computer, visited your
    favorite media site, entered a chat room or forum, and conversed with
    people in London living through the Battle of Britain. Or perhaps
    chatted with a neutral Swiss and learned what it was like to live
    surrounded by swastikas. You might even have chatted with a German.
- Cubans Embrace Email, Warily (US/Cuba)
    HAVANA -- Cuba remains a country stuck in the past in many respects,
    a fact symbolized by the pictures of Havana streets teeming with
    meticulously maintained American cars dating from the 1950s. But
    modern technology is beginning to make inroads. Email, for example,
    recently became available to significant numbers of Cubans for the
    first time, although in a trickle, not a flood.
- Coroner uses Internet to find kin of unclaimed bodies (US)
    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) -- The San Bernardino County coroner's
    office has created what it says is the nation's first Internet
    clearinghouse for information on unclaimed bodies in the morgue.
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