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>I think I may go to Wildcat tomorrow or Sunday. The weather is supposed to be
>great and its nice to avoid K-mart.
>Now I haven't been up in that neck of the woods since 1994 or so. There is
>short cut where you can avoid the strip mall hell of North Conway. Can someone
>remind me of where you take it... I think it is in the town of Conway? You
>basically drive parallel to route 16 and then reconnect after N Conway.

Turn left onto West Side Road off 16 north in Conway just before 16 takes
the left at the lights. West Side Road will run parallel to 16 and you'll
come to an intersection where West Side Road (?) will be a right and Old
West Side Road will continue straight. If you turn right and right again
onto River Road you will hit 16 just north of "downtown" N. Conway near the
hotel with the EMS store.  Alternatively, if you stay straight onto Old
West Side Road you will reach 302 above where it splits with 16 in Glen so
you'll need to backtrack slightly on 302 to get to 16.

Tomorrow's weather looks great. I'm also considering Wildcat even though I
have an ASC season pass.

Todd B.

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