Hello Again Barbara,

For whatever reason (I must be doing it wrong) I can't seem to process an outgoing message - I can reply however.   Until I get a minute to find out the problem would you please send out a query for me re Bianchi.

I would like any and all input on the Bianchi bill primarily whether or not to change the number of years for enforcement and research from 10 to 20.  This bill is scheduled to be reported tomorrow.


Joyce Barbieri

>>> Barbara Oles <[log in to unmask]> 05/04/99 02:21PM >>>
Have any Boards of Abatement dealt with the issue of inability to pay and
if so how has your town handled the situation?

Did you render an abatement for this reason and if so, did you request
specific information in writing to help you make your decision?

Please let me know  Thank you