The first meeting of the NEMRC user group was held on May 6, 1999 at the Grand Isle Town Clerk's office.   
Present were:
Mary Zuber               Hinesburg
Karen Richard         Colchester
Cheryl Hubbard       Hinesburg
Susan Lamb            Williston
Shirley Vaux            St. George
Denci Mitchell         Grand Isle
Colleen Haag          Shelburne
Olga Hallock            Huntington
Paulette Lafond      Milton
John Cushing          Milton
Gretchen Kelly        Grand Isle
Sharon Roy             So. Hero
Denci started the meeting by stating she worked in  the medical field
for many years before becoming Town Clerk and that she belonged to a user group which she found very helpful.  It was the consensus of those present that the NEMRC user group was a good idea and that by sharing ideas and information with NEMRC and each other we could improve our offices.
The lack of written documentation or manual for NEMRC programs was a complaint for most present.  John stated that clerks get together and create standardized reports for our programs so that NEMRC doesn't have to customize so many of its reports for each municipality. 
The group talked about some of the pluses of the NEMRC programs such as the bar coding for tax and water/sewer billing, the cash receipts programs, the automatic due to/due froms so those accounts are always reconciled.  Many of these saved staff time and made the processes easier to use and reconcile.
Colleen talked about the ability to customize a report for the dog program but  not having it print out without putting in a foxpro expression.  Others stated they did not have the time nor the desire to learn the Fox-Pro computer language.  John stated that he has the ability to download information from NEMRC's programs into excel, sort information the way he wants it and print it.  We all agreed that this was the route to go and many  wanted to learn the process.
There was discussion that Clerks have to become more proficient with Word, Excel and Access so we could make better use of the information.  Colleen had looked into taking classes at Essex Educational Center but the cost was prohibitive for many towns. There needs to be more discussion on this subject.
Many Clerks present stated that the service and response time  had improved and that NEMRC had been helpful when setting up new systems in Towns.  Mary Zuber stated that Hinesburg will be switching over to the NEMRC water/sewer billing system soon.  Those present from Williston and Milton who have used the system talked about the pros and cons of this billing system. 
John stated he would call  Ernie Saunders to talk about NEMRC setting up a list serve  for this user group.  Another meeting of the user group will be set up after the Chittenden-Grand Isle Clerk's meeting( Wednesday,June 9, 1999 in Shelburne).