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>>>Wednesday 28 April 1999 London-UK (i0300)
>>>From: Parveez Syed
>>>Shanti Communications, Global Media Monitoring Unit
>>>One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK
>>>Telephone: London-UK 44-831-196693
>>>E-Mail INTERNET: [log in to unmask]
>>>Copyright 1998 (c) Shanti Communications news agency. All rights
>>>reserved. The following feature may not be republished or
>>>redistributed, in whole or in part. Copying, storing, transfer,
>>>redistribution, retransmission, publication and exploitation of
>>>this information is hereby expressly forbidden without the prior
>>>written consent of Shanti Communications UK. Section 326 of the
>>>USA-FCC Communications Act; Title 17 USC Section 107; Article 19
>>>of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the First Amendment
>>>US rights apply to all material, contents and ideas published and
>>>broadcasted by Shanti Communications and Shanti RTV news agency.
>>>US poisons analysed (EDITORIAL - i0300)
>>>by Parveez Syed (c) Shanti RTV news
>>>LONDON-UK (SC/SRTV) - New evidence has emerging on poisons used
>>>by US forces in the Balkans and the Middle East, allegedly to help
>>>"end ethnic cleansing; protect human rights and promote
>>>democracy". The poisonous samples are being tested by a group of
>>>western scientists. Their findings are not being reported by
>>>compliant, complicitous and co-opted mass media outlets.
>>>According to a series of new reports based on the latest
>>>findings: the poisons are linked to exposure to the US weapons
>>>of mass destruction containing radioactive; depleted uranium
>>>(DU) and other deadly materials. The deadly debris have polluted
>>>the environment for hundreds of miles and years. DU - which is
>>>often used in US missiles - is a metal residue left behind in
>>>the refining of natural uranium. It is supposed to be almost
>>>free of radioactive material, but the scientists have tested the
>>>samples to prove otherwise. DU explodes with the shell, blasting
>>>into millions of tiny particles of uranium oxide and causing
>>>genetic defects, damaging cells; tissues; bones; gonads; sperms
>>>and foetuses. The defects and damage is boosted by shortage of
>>>food and medicines, and radioactive water, air, soil and food.
>>>Dr Asaf Durakovic, a former clinical chief for the department of
>>>nuclear medicine of the US Army, has conducted teh tests, as well
>>>as Dr Hari Sharma of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
>>>Both the US and UK military establishments have also carried out
>>>tests for depleted uranium contamination of Gulf war Veterans,
>>>but have the results of such tests a secret from the general
>>>"Blast and fragmentation weapons are designed to attack the body
>>>with shrapnel pellets, like hundreds of stab wounds. They turn
>>>buildings either into infernos or into concrete missiles or into
>>>live-burial tombs," according to Simon Jenkins of The Times (UK).
>>>The banned reports also indicate that upto 500,000 former US
>>>soldiers and millions of their victims in the Middle East and
>>>the Balkans are suffering from similar fatal illnesses casued by
>>>the DU polluted water, air, soil and food. Their children are
>>>often born with deformed heads; limbs and chests. There is a
>>>threefold increase in malformed children over the decade, and
>>>the numbers are still rising. Cancers in children, especially
>>>leukaemia - a key indicator of radiation damage - are striking
>>>more often and at younger and younger ages. They are bleeding to
>>>death every day since January 1991. Most caring humanitarians and
>>>legal eagles view the injustice as a symbol for the
>>>unaccountable killer that the US world empire has become.
>>>The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has expressed
>>>grave concern "that the outbreak of animal diseases in Iraq may
>>>spread to other countries in the Near East seriously undermining
>>>food security in the region". FAO warned "The multitude of
>>>diseases afflicting livestock in Iraq threatens the health of
>>>people living in infested areas and could seriously undermine food
>>>security in the countries of the Near East".
>>>The endless silent carnage goes on, mysterious and relentless.
>>>When asked on "60 Minutes" about the death of half a million
>>>children in Iraq - more children than died in Hiroshima, Mad
>>>Albright responded "we think the price is worth it". Mass
>>>murders, exterminations, ethnic cleansing and other inhuman acts
>>>done against any civilian population constitute a crime against
>>>humanity, according to the Nuremberg Principles of World War II.
>>>"We are destroying an entire society. It is as simple and as
>>>terrifying as that," former UN assistant secretary-general and
>>>UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, Denis Halliday, told Shanti
>>>RTV news. After 34 years of service, Halliday resigned from the
>>>UN in protest over the humanitarian cost of economic sanctions.
>>>"The US actions in the area are in violation of international
>>>law. Passive silence is nothing less than consent and complicity
>>>in the mass murders," caring humanitarian Dr Beatrice Boctor
>>>told Shanti RTV news agency. "Is this collateral damage? Can the
>>>infants of Iraq expect any help from caring people in the West
>>>or the Middle East? Are there no consequences for the genocidal
>>>massacres officially sanctioned by the US government? Does the
>>>US government obey no rule of law, honor no code of justice, and
>>>reject the very idea of the sanctity of life? How long people
>>>will continue to tolerate the inhumane, contemptuous, flawed, old
>>>and failed US-UK policy?" Boctor wondered.
>>>"We are showing the world a cruel and ugly face, and sooner or
>>>later there will be payback. And, by the way, don't blaspheme by
>>>calling yourself a Christian while turning your back on these
>>>dying children," according to Charley Reese of The Orlando
>>>Sentinel in the USA.
>>>"It is imperative that we come to grips with our government's
>>>militarism and stop it before it is too late. We must seek peace
>>>with all of our passion," former US attorney-general Ramsey
>>>Clark told Shanti RTV news agency.
>>>Anyone wishing to read about the horrendous extent of what has
>>>been done to Iraq is advised immediately to read the 1998
>>>edition of Geoff Simons's book "The Scourging of Iraq: Sanctions,
>>>Law and Natural Justice", a copious repository of facts, argument
>>>and condemnation.
>>>"US poisons tested"
>>>a background report by Dr Beatrice Boctor:
>>>Depleted Uranium Ammunition is being used once again - this time
>>>in Kosovo .... civilians and their environment are once again
>>>being exposed to radio-active contamination.
>>>During the Gulf War, munitions and armour made from DU were used
>>>for the first time in military action. Since they proved
>>>unmatchable in their armour piercing capacity and are very cheap,
>>>uranium waste, they became the weapon of choice.  They were further
>>>used in Bosnia and presently in Yugoslavia.
>>>In the Gulf more than a million rounds were fired, between
>>>300-800 tons being consumed in 1991 alone. When a DU penetrator
>>>hits its target, it explodes and vaporises. From 10-70% burns up
>>>and forms micrometer-size uranium oxide particles that can be
>>>inhaled or ingested. The fall-out of uranium aerosol is
>>>virtually unlimited. In the fine sand of the Gulf, uranium
>>>micro-particles, because they are electrically charged attach
>>>themselves to the sand, and remain suspended in the air for very
>>>long periods. Wind storms will resuspend the settled particles and
>>>transport them to new locations far and wide. There is a noted
>>>massive rise in cancers in Saudi-Arabia, in most of the Emirates
>>>all the way to Bahrain. Incalculable collateral damage to
>>>veterans, civilians, and neighbouring countries, now and for all
>>>future generations is the result of using radio-active weapons.
>>>Nuclear explosions cause massive damage at the time, while
>>>radio-active weapons cause more prolonged devastation to humans
>>>and the environment for tens of years, or maybe till the end of
>>>time, since the half life of DU is the life of the solar system.
>>>All over Iraq but especially in the South, there has been a
>>>sixfold rise in cancers of all kinds, but especially leakaemias
>>>and lymphomas. Birth defects from being a rarity have become so
>>>common that there can be three children in one family with birth
>>>defects. Plants and animals are also showing signs of genetic
>>>mutations. British and American vetetrans show very similar
>>>disorders. In a veterans community in Mississippi, 67% of the
>>>children were born without eyes, ears, brain, thyroid and other
>>>organ malformations. In Bosnia after the NATO war, there was a
>>>massive rise of instant deaths for huge numbers of people in the
>>>war zone,( acute radiation poisoning). Alterations in plant,
>>>animal and a horrendous rise of birth defects has been reported.
>>>Veterans with Gulf War Syndrome report symptons similar to the
>>>Iraqi and Bosnian groups, namely multiple organ failure, AIDS
>>>like syndrome with very low immunity. There are multiple causes
>>>from chemical and bacteriological pollutants in the war zone,
>>>but definitely DU with its radiological and chemical toxicity is
>>>one of the main culprits.
>>>Knowing that DU on explosion forms insoluble particles of uranium
>>>oxixe that can be inhaled, the particles would lodge in the lung
>>>for long periods of time (depending on the biological half life).
>>>Uranium and its by-products radiate the lung killing and mutating
>>>neighbouring cells. Some particles get washed into the blood,
>>>causing devastating effects all over the body but mainly to the
>>>reproductive system and the bone marrow (rapidly dividing cells).
>>>This results in the birth defects and the anaemias, leukaemias and
>>>immune deficience disorders.
>>>"We tested urine samples from 30 veterans from the USA, UK,
>>>Canada and Iraq. Their locations covers the whole of the ground
>>>war region. The samples were analysed for isotopic composition
>>>of uranium isotopes by the delayed neutron activation method and
>>>confirmed by surface ionization mass spectometry. All those
>>>tested showed DU in their urine with values ranging between 3-18
>>>micrigrams for a 24 hour period. The values collorated
>>>positively with where they were located, whether their job
>>>entailed travelling between sites (more exposure) and how long
>>>they stayed in the Gulf. It also matches perfectly the morbidity
>>>and mortality picture".
>>>"Samples from the population of Baghdad and Basra were also
>>>tested. They also show the presense of DU in the urine over the
>>>whole geographical regions. The risk factor from exposure to the
>>>oxide inside the lungs depends on the biological half life (time
>>>tissues remain irradiated). The half life seems much longer that
>>>suggested by the UK DoD. It is more likely 10 years or longer
>>>instead of the mentioned 500 days .6-10 % i.e. 36,000 of the
>>>600,000 veterans exposed would succumb to fatal cancers. In
>>>Basra the percentage could be much higher since poeple are
>>>continuing to breath, drink and eat radio-active material". The
>>>risk factor could be 20% or even higher. The tests were carried
>>>in three labs.
>>>[Developing....... for updates and further information contact
>>>Shanti RTV news agency by email to: [log in to unmask]]
>>>For non-commercials use only, permission is hereby given to
>>>distribute this article far and wide.
>>>Presented by: Shanti RTV (c) 28 April 1999 (i0300)
>>>[The author, Parveez Syed, is an investigative journalist and a
>>>mass media programming consultant. He has exposed many liars,
>>>subverters and deceivers. Moles and whistleblowers e-mail leaks
>>>and briefings to him. His copyrighted, unique features are often
>>>developed into probing factual television documentaries. The
>>>features are archived on thousands of websites worldwide]
>>>Parveez Syed's direct contact details are:
>>>One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK
>>>Tel: London-UK 0044-831-196693;
>>>***{After 30 September 1999 dial code change 0044-7831-196693}***
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