When using a permanent marker, it has been my experience that, if the felt
tip gets gel on it too frequently, the ink flows out of the pen and makes a
mess.  At this point I discard the marker.  We don't buy the jumbo size
because we have never gotten a pen to function long enough to run out of
ink. We have yet to run out of legs to map.

Steve Knight

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        To add to my mapping reply.  The jumbo marker is indeed much larger
        size however the tip is not too much larger than the smaller size,
        allowing for a longer lasting ink "supply".

        BTW... We received a request in the lab yesterday by an area
        requesting duplex on dialysis patient for "clotted assets" ("access"
        quite certain) I wasnt too concerned, the penmenship wasn't his
        personally.  Incidentally, I asked the patient, and no He is not an
        BAH DUM BUM.......TSSSHHHH

        Doug Marcum  RT(R), RDMS, RVT
        Maitland (Orlando), Fl.

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