The way the Bylaws read now, 250 members constitute a quorum, so that
there were enough members to vote on the dues increase.  But I agree that
this is not quite right, but the problem is not with MLA, but might very
well reside with all of us members.

Members ought to vote on a lot more than just dues.  It also might be
that not much more votes will be received even with a mailed out ballot.
The vote for officers is also low - I don't recall the actual numbers, if
they are made public.

I was not able to attend that meeting, but it occured to me that those
among us who did attend were either "local" or "MLA
active" or those who can afford the luxury of an expensive out of town
meeting.  And yes, I would have gone to the meeting and would have
exercised my voting rights (and it might not have changed the total count).

Lesson:   There are no easy answers, but "participation" is a key to any
active organization, and this is a case where we, the members, are not -

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