Hi, Ellen--

The organization Operation Smile ( routinely goes to Vietnam and other countries and donates services of facial plastic surgeries to repair cleft palate and associated facial disfigurements.

While it's not the same kind of surgery you're asking about, perhaps someone at Operation Smile would know who else is doing what in that area, and would know where to direct you.

Hope this is helpful,

Raven Travillian

From: Ellen Richards <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: REF? Foreign Surgery Philanthropy?

Pardon' the x-postings....has anyone come across sources/organizationsfor
donated surgical services?

i.e., current case is Vietnamese child in need of surgery, 2 mo.old w/
Mitral Stenosis.

patron is asking for  sponsorship of travel to Vietnam  or sponsorship for
child to come here.
thanx in advance for any help