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>      It was a season of discovery and re-awakening.

        Thanx for the re-cap, Matt.  I enjoyed reading it.  How 'bout some of the
others out there?  How was YOUR season?  Best days?  Breakthroughs on snow?
 Let's especially hear from some of the Blue Intermediates and Green
Beginners.  Did you make your first powder tracks?  Do your first bump run?
 Have your best day ever?  Jason, didja' ever take that course out at Mary
Jane/Winter Park?
        Remember, it is the graphic odyssey of Men & Women undertaking physical
adventures in the snow covered mountains on board(s) that is most important
when you describe your season at no matter what level you are!
                                Let's hear it!


> After another year of the same old routine, I wanted to make a change.
> owned a full pass at Smugglers Notch for 4 straight, and it was time for
> change of scenery. I truly love the place, but in those 4 years, I exp
> and covered almost every square inch of it. So I bought a midweek pass at
> Mad River Glen, as well as the Bash Badge Plus at Smuggs. It was very
> economical and it opened up a whole new realm of discovery, as well as a
> familiar place to fall back on in case the natural snow didn't fall early
> MRG.
>      Sometime in September, I stumbled across and subscribed to this
> discussion list. What a find! I want to thank you all very much for the
> great posts, the insights, the vast store of knowledge, the conversation
> inspiration. All of our differences in location, preference and style are
> joined together by a common denominator. This entity we call SKIVT-L
> upon itself. It feeds on our many different angles and degrees of
> to winter, taking on many different faces, personalities and emotions. I
> very happy to have become one small part of that personality. It has been
> great to meet so many new faces. Sharing runs, lift rides and experiences
> with so many good, interesting people was a major factor in making this
> best season ever.
>      I kept track of my ski days on a jumbo calendar with a black marker.
> The last several days are documented in a translucent, faded black, as
> marker is running out of ink. The last faded entry is on May 18th, 197
> after the first one on November 4th. Between and inclusive those dates, I
> made 83 entries into this dated skiing diary. It totally obliterated my
> record of 63, which had stood since the season of '95-'96.
>      On March 28th, I spent my personally historic 64th day on Mt
> with Jeremy Malczyk. He guided me on an awe-inspiring trek at Tuckerman
> Ravine. It was humbling and scary- once on the lip, we encountered two
> intimidated people with snow-sliding devices strapped to their backs.
> had chosen instead to descend with ice axes and crampons.
>      I skied every day that week, including the day that I pushed myself
> the brink- 50,000+ feet of vert on one of the more challenging trails at
> River Glen. That week came during a March to remember. I skied 21 days,
> of them in powder at least boot deep. I can remember several days of
> blinding, suffocating facial spray in the lightest, driest snow I've ever
> seen. There was a day at MRG that I met & skied with a great professional
> downhiller on that same run that was the course for the endurance
> For one non-stop run, I was able to nip at his heels all the way down
> for whatever it was worth, I passed him in the final stretch of moguls at
> the bottom. Another day saw Jeremy and I "flipping the corporations the
> bird" as we explored the Robbins Mt powerline, as well as the turbo fast
> rope tow at Cochrans Ski Area. The Unconventional Terrain Competition at
> was another great experience. I saw a multitude of very impressive feats,
> but none more impressive than Todd Rossignol's. He jumped the entire
> 10 cliff band, landing with a rag-doll, cartwheeling wipeout of epic
> proportions. There was another day with Jerm, at Smuggs, where he chewed
> the most challenging runs I could show him. Trees whizzed by as we were
in a
> steep, cliff jumping frenzy. On yet another day, I unexpectedly bumped
> Wesley Alan Wright, Jumpin' Jimmy and Josh Tower at MRG. We skied
> where Josh was amused by my foolish antics. I shrunk up as narrow as I
> and squeezed between two trees that were so close together that both of
> shoulders rubbed on each of them as I skied through. We had a laugh.
> was a small plaid gathering I attended at MRG. I don't remember everyone
> was there, but the group kind of split up and had a very good time skiing
> the 20th with Nick, Wes, JJ, and Dan Barron. I couldn't believe what I
> on another day; I was exploring this totally random, uncharted tree area
> Spruce Peak, when in the middle of nowhere, I once again bumped into
> and Jumpin' Jimmy. Who'd have guessed it possible? Yeah, March was good.
>      February wasn't too shabby either. I had my first of many plaid
> encounters. I showed Bruce Shenker around a few of my old favorites at
> Smuggs. It was a day of rediscovery. Although I've skied those woods many
> times before, I experienced it vicariously through him as he gracefully
> tele'd some great Smuggs backcountry for the first time ever. And there
> the day that I discovered many timeless classics at MRG. Nick Malczyk
> me to the heart of the matter, giving me a Mad tour that was something
> special. I really fell in love with the place that day and I still owe
> a Smuggs tour that will have to wait 'til next year. He also introduced
> to a nice fellow by the name of Mark Renson that day. Later on down the
> road, I would have a great time skiing these same woods with Jim Bauman.
> the places you'll go! There was another day that I never got around to
> posting. I drove to New Hampshire and got a taste of Cannon Mt, as well
> another neat discovery. I hiked over to an old closed down ski area
> Mittersill, where I made first tracks on a classic, winding New England
> cruiser called Barrons. It was so good that I made a second hike and did
> again. Earlier in the month, I won a $25 prize in the MRG mogul
> February ended on a very high note- the infamous plaid gathering at Magic
> Mt, brought on by Marc Guido's sudden return to Vermont. Yeah, February
> good too.
>      In January, I made 1st time visits to two other places in NH.
> and Wildcat- it was a great weekend punctuated by my first powder day of
> season at a very uncrowded Wildcat. Also, I earned some turns at Bolton
> Valley, which had a whole new appeal for me, being a closed down ghost
> Another unique experience was a great powder day at both MRG and
> I was to meet a friend at the ' bush at 10am. I got to Mad River at 9am
> had first tracks on Paradise, then I headed over and met Eric where we
> some great snow on the other Paradise, at Sugarbush.
>      November and December saw little snow, but hey, I got 18 days in
> two months and had fun on every one of them. The season started with a
> Spruce Peak hikes with my rock skis, a tradition that I partake in every
> November. There were some great days skiing the manufactured early season
> bumps of Organgrinder at Sugarbush, which were surprisingly good 'n soft.
> There were a couple of really fun days at Stowe with my friend Arnd who
> visiting from Germany. I hadn't seen him in nearly 7 years. I got my
> taste of ski competition at Sugarbush. I entered the Turkey Tumble, which
> was a great learning experience.
>      Ah yes, I could never forget April. Five days in Colorado, skiing
> Rockies. Unbelievable, invigorating, fantastic, breath-taking,
> awesome, remarkable, amazing, extraordinary and downright unforgetable.
> more key words: BERTHOUD PASS. Sometime in the not so distant future,
> Guido will be making this trip a feature, with photos, in First Tracks!!.
> Earlier in the season, I became a contributing writer with a story called
> "Mind Games." Many thanks to Marc for putting me in there. Later in
April, I
> was at Smuggs for closing day, followed by another day that I hiked
> Mt and skied Upper FIS, Fisfall, and the terrain park with great spring
> everywhere.
>      In May, I was in denial. "No way, the season is far from over, I've
> still got some turns to make!" It started with a memorable Closing Day at
> Sugarbush with my girlfriend. It was 75 degrees and sunny. I wore shorts
> still have awkward looking tan lines on my calves from the ski boots. The
> birds were chirping and, as someone put it, Life is Good. Two days later,
> was at Killington with some friends from work and we had a blast in the
> awesome corn snow that existed every day this month. It was highlighted
> two surprisingly comfortable bareback runs. On the day before my
birthday, I
> met with Garry Waldeck and whose Dougy Slifkin on a foggy yet very fun
> at K. Thanks for the picture, Garry! I later had another day of bright,
> brilliant sun at Killington with Kim, followed up a few days later by
> another great day together. She watched unkowingly from Lunch Rocks, as
> again I was on the Headwall of Tuckerman Ravine and struck with the fear
> god. It was a weird mix of exhilaration and fear, a heart pounding
> experience I will not soon forget. Then on the last day, May 18th, my
> ended with a very nice sunny day of semi-earned turns at Stowe with a
> ski-dog named Dixie. That great drive on Smugglers Notch Rd showed me
> yes, winter is over- and it's really not all that bad. Summer and Fall in
> the mountains is very beautiful, too.
>      For anyone interested in pure statitistics, here are some #'s that,
> me, are staggering.
> Arapahoe Basin - 1 Day
> Attitash       - 1
> Berthoud Pass  - 2
> Bolton Valley  - 1
> Cannon Mt      - 1 #
> Cochrans       - 1 &
> Killington     - 3
> Loveland Basin - 1
> Mad River Glen - 25 ~
> Magic Mountain - 1
> Mittersill     - 1 # @
> Robbins Mt     - 1 & @
> Smugglers Notch- 22 @(1)
> Stowe          - 11 @(4)
> Sugarbush      - 10 ~
> Mt Washington  - 2 @
> Wildcat        - 1
> Winter Park    - 1
> Grand total - 83 days at 18 different places.
> @ = Earned
> # = Cannon, Mittersill, same day
> & = Cochrans, Robbins Mt same day
> ~ = MRG, Sugarbush same day
>     Time to buy a new marker and calendar for next season!
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