It is hard to call what took place on Superstar last saturday, skiing.

Those of us silly enough to enter the Killington Triathlon, were treated to
about 300 yards of skiing down a dirty frozen substance, which started about
half-way down the trail and ended just before the final pitch.  Killington
ran the quad for an hour to transport us to the top of the trail where we
proceeded to hike down most of the headwall.  The bottom of the headwall had
a decent size patch of "snow" -- enough for about ten turns.  The rest of the
upper portion of the trail was green.

The actual "ski" portion of the race took place on the largest patch of snow
in the middle of the run.  The finish line for the this part of the race was
at the bottom of the run.  At the end of the snow, we were required to carry
our equipment to the bottom of the trail while still being timed.  Running
down the final pitch of Superstar, with all of your equipment in hand may
sound like a lot of fun, but, when you still have to get on your mountain
bike and then go for a run up and down Snowshed a couple of times, it's not.
I am not sure that I trained properly for the "skiing".

On the plus side, since my on bike was not running in top form I rented a
Gary Fischer "Big Sur" at the mountain.  The bike was in perfect condition,
as I do not think it had ever been riden.  After the race, some of us took a
few trips up the Gondola and explored the mountain.  I would be lying if I
said that I wasn't impressed with the condition and quality of the riding
around Killington Peak.  It wasn't Moab, but it was much better than I
expected.  Although, there was a little too much traffic on the "groomers"--
just like winter.

If anybody else on the list took part, let me knbow how you did.  I finished
in 1hr 7min, which put me around 100th (out of about 450, I think), which
made me happy enough.


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