I agree with Paul that using PubMed has allowed us to drop expensive CD-ROM
subscriptions (which were a real pain to keep up-to-date and networked) and
purchase Cochrane, consumer health materials,  and other internet
subscriptions -- with money left over.  I stopped using medlars in Feb/Mar
1998 and use PubMed exclusively.   I've also taught about eight totally
booked classes to our medical staff and residents with positive feedback.
It has taken me months to  feel comfortable with it, but I keep discovering
surprising features I like much better than anything on Elhill -- such as
"mesh browser", "journal browser", "citation matcher", "clinical queries"
for evidence based medicine requests, or using the details window to revise
a search strategy.  I have to say it took me years (decades?) before I felt
really comfortable searching Elhill.  The learning curve on this is much
easier -- but it still needs an investment of time for instruction from
knowledgeable trainers and hours/months of actual use. It's not perfect, but
it's steadily improving with enhancements still forthcoming.  I love
teaching it to our family practice residents as a free tool they can use
wherever they practice medicine anywhere in the world.
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