In case you didn't see the earlier warning from T. Scott Plutchak on this
listserv, please be aware that the email message from Jacque Doyle with the
subject line "Important Message from Jacque Doyle" has an attachment that is
infected with the Melissa virus.

******* Please do not open the attachment !!! **********.

FYI - Melissa infects your documents and then emails out those documents to
people on your email address lists without you even being aware (chances are
this is what happened to Jacque), so as a courtesy to Jacque, and to prevent
your machine from becoming infected, you should delete this message and the
attachment without opening it - take extra care with this one.

If you have already opened that attachment, you should contact your PC
support resource people for more information.

Randy Toni
Sault Area Hospitals Information Systems - on behalf of Kathy You,