Dear Colleague, esp. European Academic Libraries:

I was requested to help locate the following:

Journal: Bulletin de Societe de psychologie du sud - est
   v.9(1):3-6, 1966
Author:  Dourier, Monique
Title:  Andre Rey (1906-1965) - Obituary

OCLC has listings for later changeds in the title, but none point to this
strange obscure citation, above.   I contacted the Center for Research
Libraries, who hold the later version, 1973-, but they could not assist.

This is a "challenge" - so If someone  can help me better identify a
source, I would be most appreciative.  The title is not "medical", but
rather "psychology", which makes it so much harder for a hospital
librarian to find.

We are ready to pay for copy and fax -


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