Hi, Medlibbers!

        Our library is moving out for repairs to be returned in a week to 10
days.  We had a clinical emergency yesterday which I was able to complete
this morning or so I thought.  After filing cabinets, all textbooks, and
most journals are already stored - one of the radiologists called needing an
article for the procedure tomorrow morning.

        Can someone fax the following article to 318-448-8191?  My phones
and computers will be moved in the morning.  It is for Dr. Larsen -

        Source: Gastroenterology  93: 1315-1320; 1987
        Author: Gerzoff
        Title:  Early diagnosis of pancreatic infection by CT Guided

I can put on DOCLINE if you send me your LIBID and we will gladly pay
charges.  It will probably be tomorrow afternoon before I can do it.   I
will be here @ another hour.   Thanks!


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