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Thanks to everyone for their positive comments about last Winter. We ended up
with a pretty good season
despite the terrible early weather. Average number of skiers per day increased
by 6.5% and gross revenues
by 2.5% despite a drop in overall skiers of about 6%.

We are currently working on obtaining the finances required in order for us to
develop more trails and
snowmaking on the east side. Everyone loved the new trails we cut last summer
- this year we plan to do
much more trail cutting and further major snowmaking improvements. We plan to
increase our snow
making percentage to over 75% of terrain and to more than double our pumping
capacity - all of which will
result in a major impact for next season.

We have decided to put summer operations on hold at this time, but are
progressing our plans and
financing for the proposed hotel development - we hope to get construction
started later this year.

Andy Holmes - Burke President <[log in to unmask]>
USA - Saturday, April 30, 1999

Passed along by JMK.

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