Below is the amended policy for "no nits".  Amendments have been made in red.  Please send me any comments prior to our next board meeting so I can include and changes or be forwarned as to your issues.

Head Lice


The psychological, social and economical impact of the head lice/nit infestations can create a problem with both the school and the community. Recognizing that from time to time a varying number of cases exist, it is the policy of the Moretown Elementary School Board to take the appropriate and necessary measures in order to reduce the loss of instructional time for those students involved and to provide a comfortable and healthy learning environment for the entire school population.


  1. Any staff member who suspects head lice/nits shall report this immediately to their school nurse or building principal.
  2. Any student identified by the school nurse as having head lice and/or (untreated is deleted) nits shall be sent home for treatment as soon as possible.
  3. Any student with actual identifiable lice and/or nits shall be immediately removed from the classroom. The school nurse shall contact the parent immediately and request that the student is taken home for treatment.
  4. All children in the same classroom of an identified active case (nits or actual lice) shall be examined by trained personnel. All siblings and close contacts of the child within the school shall be examined and appropriately handled.
  5. The school nurse will make verbal contacts as well as written instructions for treatment with the family of each case.
  6. All students shall be readmitted to school after the first treatment with a signed statement or verbal confirmation from the parent/guardian stating that initial treatment has been completed.
  7. At the time of his/her return to school but before going to the classroom, each re-entering student shall be examined by appropriate health personnel in order to determine that the student’s scalp and hair shall be free of all evidence of lice and nits (pediculosis).
  8. If the number of cases are considered to be an outbreak or epidemic, the school nurse and school principal may contact the Vermont Department of Health for guidance as to temporarily suspending activities conducive to close person to person contact or even suspending school if the outbreak is considered serious enough.
  9. The school nurse shall provide inservice education for staff with emphasis on diagnosis, treatment and control plans.
  10. The school nurse will initiate educational programs for students as necessary.