PS Do we have a policy on what
        counts as appropriate for this list?

Policies ? Policies ?

We don't need no stinkin policies !!!


Normally, however, "netiquette applies."

Netiquette is, howeve, ummmm, vague.

We're supposed to "keep on topic", and
we're supposed to "avoid excessive quoting", and
we're supposed to "avoid flamming", and
we're supposed to "think twice before posting," ...

And we're not supposed to let the discussion
fall silent because we can't think of the right
thing to say.

/* ---- */

On the face of it, the KPFA affair is sort of
marginal. I'm mean, who really cares what a bunch
of DJs in Berkeley are up to ... except for old
Berkeley folks like myself ??

But life is never so interested.

What's the old lyric - "Video killed the radio star"?

In that respect, the issues surrounding KPFA,
"community radio", "pirate radio," "internet radio",
"mp3", etc., etc., are issues at the core of
"post-industrial" society.