>Ben wrote:
>I suppose the easiest way to make that come true would be to start
>patrolling/instructing for a mountain.

Or you can just marry a patroller (or instructor) and ski/ride free on his
(her) coattails... ;-)  They do all the work, you have all the fun!

Marc Guido wrote:
>That said, it's probably one of the best things that I ever did in my life.
>I miss my Jay friends intensely.

If it makes you feel better, for some reason, they seem to miss you, too!
And, of course, your contingency of SkiVtlers who will follow you anywhere
(or almost anywhere) on the mountain seem to miss you when you're not
around...though, just think, if I'd followed you *anywhere* that day, I
wouldn't have ended up with my own private ski patroller, ready to save me
wherever I am ;-)  With so many loyal fans, you better have plans to ski Jay
a whole lot this season!

Back to working (and lurking)...

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