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>On Thursday, July 01, 1999 12:14 PM, Eric Friedman
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>> Just a Quick Reminder!!!!
>> Hope to see you at this Saturday's Independence Day Party at MRG, the
>> weather report is looking good!!!!
>        BULLS*&T, it's way too hot for me.  I wanted to go camping in the
>(Sewards) this weekend to catch up to Stephanie's 47 total, but it's too
>hot for my zero degree rated bag.

Mark!!   What's the matter with you.?!!  I'm going to have to confiscate
your hard corps equipment weenie membership card if you don't go out and
get another bag for warm weather.  You're as bad as my Boy Scouts.  They
all come to summer camp in Aug. with brand new "Denali Special" sleeping
bags, flashlights that take 6 D cells machined out of a solid aluminum
dowel, and $50 Swiss Army knives.  They tell their mothers the Scoutmaster
says they have to have them.  On the first day they lose the knife and on
the first night they run down the flashlight batteries.  The moms also send
them with two changes of underwear per day.  At the end of the week they
bring home 13 clean pair and one that can walk by itself.

Seriously I have an LL. Bean polypro blanket that zips into a bag.  It was
cheap and covers any sleeping condition over about 55 deg.  You can get
into the bag, throw it over you as a blanket or if it's really hot sleep on
top of it.  In the rare event that it gets colder than 55 in summer, just
put on fleece pants and jacket.

Denis Bogan

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