Jerm's thoughts on this subject are all dead on...  My enjoyment
of MRG is all that keeps me from buying a Stowe pass and exploring
the nooks and crannies of Mansfield.  And what nooks and crannies
they are.  Sorry, but Mansfield is simply the best ski mtn. within
an easy drive radius from Burlington, and prob. in the east, although
my experience is sorely lacking for adequate comparison.  (We're talking
lift-served, only.)MRG, however, is the best ski experience, IMHO.
MRG also still has a deal (I hope) that's hard to beat: the student mid-
week pass for $95.
With the Huge Pass last season, my best lift-served ski days were
mid-week mornings at MRG, a few powder fixes and Marc Guido fixes
at Jay, and the SkiVt-l day at Stowe.  SB's grand total? 4 half days in
Nov./Dec. and the Warren Miller day with a buddy.  I had hoped to
explore Slidebrook and beyond with Mike Taub et. al. but it prob. won't
happen, now.  My strategy now is to try to get the scoop on Jay and
MRG's student pass plans or just buy the MRG mid-week pass and explore
as much of the VT backcountry as I can, paying for lifts with Powerbars and
huffin 'n puffin.  Anyone up for a little exploration this winter?

BTW, a former-lister's opinion on this matter, as expressed backchannel,
is that prob. only Freshmen at UVM will get the SB pass, due to the
bus situation and lack of cars.  Most Huge Passers, he feels, will move
on to the Stowe Pass next season.  Jay and MRG will be the big losers, he
This former lister's opinion may be wisely heeded, as he is a general
authority on all things Stowe, especially the placement of low-flying
I agree that Jay stands to lose some college traffic, but the weekday
mornings I was there, very few UVMers were evident.  As Jerm pointed
out, when you rise at 12, eat at 1, and ski your first run at 2:30,
Jay doesn't work so well from Burlington.

Just another $.02
Jim B.
(cleverly disguised as my lovely, ski-crazy, Jay Peak den mother
wife, Kathleen)

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