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> I suppose the easiest way to make that come true would be to start
> patrolling/instructing for a mountain.  (Can those with experience explain
> the discounts at various mountains? Most of the information I have is from
> years past when my parents used to teach.)

I can give you a bit of background about patrolling at Jay.  The current
committment is 23 days per year, I believe.  Additional requirements place a
minimum number of days per month.  None of the days are pre-scheduled,
unlike some other places - you just show up before 8:00.

The initial time investment is significant.  You take the Winter Emergency
Care course in the fall, which is somewhere around 75 hours I believe,
usually spread out over 2 nights per week.  The first season is your
"candidate year," with additional on-the-hill training in medical issues as
well as ski and toboggan training.  When wrapped up around February or so,
you pass your candidate exam as well as your ski and toboggan exam.  Then
you're a regular Alpine patroller.

Perks include a full family season pass after your candidate year, a
lifetime pass when you're eligible for retirement after 20 years of service,
generally free or discounted tickets at other National Ski Patrol areas,
equipment pro-form, and a terrific sense of comraderie while accomplishing a
truly worthy objective.  One word of caution: anybody doing it just to ski
cheaply/free need not apply.  It's way, way too much work to make that worth
it, and people with that attitude regularly drop out like flies.  You've
really got to do it because you *want* to.

That said, it's probably one of the best things that I ever did in my life.
I miss my Jay friends intensely.

Marc Guido
Sarasota, FL
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