Jim B. wrote:
>-Still searching for good power line cuts.  Anyone ever ski down the
>trail up Belvidere?  How about Mt. Norris?  Looks like it may
>have some open spots, too.

This reminds me of a power line that I've been meaning to ask about - Has anyone
ever skied the one that is visible to the south/west of 89S, in between Richmond
and Waterbury? It is real wide and looks like it has some nice pitch and
undulation to it.... Any other good locations that people know of would be
appreciated. One that I have skied often (though not in quite a while) is on the
eastern side of Burke in the Powerderhorn/Wilderness vicinity. That one usually
required a quite bit of snow to be skiable (are there any that don't??) and was
real narrow.


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