Jerm writes:
> Also stopped at Roundtop this past weekend to check out
> construction progress.  They had a fancy new sign on 100
> calling the place "Bear Creek Mountain Club" which would
> seem to affirm the notion that this place is gonna be
> private.

The stuff I got in the mail said it was $10K to join.  I heard
that it's private for the moment to save on insurance.  Not
sure what the long term plan is.

Michael Bernstein writes:
> Whistler is doing some stuff too that I can't recall.

Whistler is pulling down the Black chair (a sad day, great skiing
there)and putting in a high speed lift from the bottom to ease the
morning crush in the village.  The tree skiing between the Black
and Orange chairs is also going to be thinned out.  I'm not sure
if that means glades or trails.  They're also putting in a lift in
the new area they cut below West Bowl and Bagel Bowl.  I'd imagine
they'll also be adding a bunch of parking at the bottom of the new
lift a couple of miles down 99 from Whistler Creek.

Larry writes about K's NEP lift:
> If anyone knows better, let us know.

The realtor at the new ultra-posh development going in above Sunrise
told me that the new base of the NEP lift is going to be next to
the Sunrise common building.  The Sunrise condo owners are paying
for the work and K will run the lift.  The lower part of Sunrise is
now "earn your turns" country.  The new houses going in above Sunrise
are something crazy like $700K for a 2500 square foot house.  Nice
panoramic view of Bear but a little out of my price range.

The hike up from the Sunrise common building to the old NEP
midstation is pretty short.  I'd think that dumping a car or
two in the Back Behind lot for last tracks on a powder day
would be a good plan.  Thunderball, Nor'easter, and The Judge
are short but pretty fun in fresh snow.

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