Benjamin Putnam writes:

> I don't know about this. Aren't the highest lift ticket prices
> found at the areas with the _most_ real estate and retail
> development, not the other way around?

Killington has always had the biggest lift ticket price in the
east.  They've had zero base village development since, until the
great land swap, the parking lot sat in (I think) Coolidge State
Forest.  IMO, resorts charge what they can get away with charging.
Perhaps Alta and MRG are exceptions but I'd think that a Stowe,
Smuggs, or Jay would happily charge $100 for a day ticket if they
thought people would pay it.

When I'm on a ski vacation, I LIKE going to a resort with
lots of stuff in the base village.  My big concern is that ASC
will build an el-cheapo 2x4 eyesore in the Snowshed and Rams Head
lot.  I'm not really thrilled with the construction quality they
used in the Grand Summit and more of the same would look awful.


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