Karen, we have not gotten to the point yet of cancelling print because we
get the e-version although my guess is that will happen before long.  At
the moment most of the titles we have that also have e-versions charge
just a little extra for the electronic so it is not all that expensive to
do both.  In some cases we do not opt for the e-version at all due to
license retrictions we find unacceptable (restricting use to one or more
computers IN the library etc.)  We did drop a few expensive but little(or
never) used titles to compensate for the extra cost of the e's on our
2000 order and to give us the ability of ordering more - even some titles
we don't have in print.


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On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, KAREN ALBERT wrote:

> Would anyone care to share his/her experiences with cancelling
> print subscriptions in favor of electronic ones?  I am contemplating
> doing just that for a number of journal titles in 2000, even though
> their archiving policies are "iffy."  It's rather expensive to
> maintain both print and online subscriptions to the same title,
> and our researchers and medical staff do like the convenience
> of electronic full text access.
> What are others doing about this?
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