We went with pay-for-print a year or two ago.  We don't have gizmos
attached to our printers though - found that much too expensive a deal to
get into.  All of our users have to login to our system and the system
keeps track of their printing activities.  The system then spews out
bills at the end of the month (or whenever) which are sent or emailed to
the users.  We charge a nickle a page and 50 cents per page for our color
laser printer.  Our College of Medicine students who pay a hefty
"library" fee each year do not get charged and our Nursing and Allied
Health students who each pay a fee to access the system get a certain
amount of "free" copies and then 5 cents a page after that.  Needless to
say, people are much more careful about what they print.


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On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Cathy Montoya wrote:

> We are experimenting with a pay-to-print laser copies from our LRC computer
> lab.  Over the last few years, our paper and toner costs for laser copies
> have far exeeded our copier revenue (.07/page) which we hoped would cover
> it all.  We are looking at a .05/sheet cost to discourage casual web and
> email printing.
> Our students seem outraged at the prospect.  I would be curious to know
> what other medical school libraries and/or LRCs are beginning to charge.
> We have about 900 medical, graduate, and allied health students with access
> to our facilities.
> If you prefer to reply directly to me, I will summarize for the group as I
> suspect others might want to compare their paper/toner/printer maintenance
> costs, too.
> Thanks for your replies.
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