Dear Medlibbers;

I have a patron request that I am unable to find.  Apparently Health
Systems Strategies, based in Atlanta GA is a managed care provider all
over the US. A C. Kaye Freeman is a company representative.  There was a
case sometime in the early 90's (patron thinks 92-95) that was discussed
in Medical Economics. He says 2 other doctors also remember reading
about it.  It involved a physician with a contract to the managed care
provider not being available when (s)he was supposed to be covering and
a patient of the managed care organization needing an emergency
appendectomy having to be treated by a physician not on contract.  The
lawsuit was between the two physicians and the managed care company over
payment of the surgery.  My patron says the appendectomy was done in
Long Beach California.

I have searched medline for any articles in Medical Economics about
managed care and litigation, I also broadened my search to managed care
and legal cases or litigation in all medline indexed journals but I
still have not found anything about Health Systems Strategies suing a
contrating physician.  As you can imagine I found lots of articles on
patients suing their HMO's on denial of treatment and physicians suing
managed care companies over being excluded from their contracts.

Any ideas?  Anyone familiar with this case?  I am at a loss.

Thanks for any help.

Kathy Nelson
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
PO Box 2077
Idaho Falls ID 83403-2077