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Hi. I'm writing on behalf of the Burlington Climate Protection Task Force,
of which UVM is a member.

Do you know of or participate in any UVM research related to the potential
impacts of global climate change on human health, the economy, or the
environment? If you do, we'd appreciate any information you can let us
know about. Research could be in any area, from agriculture to disease
control to proposed emissions trading systems. Please forward this to
someone who might know.


Gioia Thompson

P.S.: Car facts:
*Each gallon of gasoline burned produces about 20 pounds of carbon
dioxide. *Making sure that tires are fully inflated can save up to 220
pounds of CO2 per year. *The typical SUV or light truck give off 30% more
carbon monoxide and 75% more nitrogen oxide than most passenger cars.
can save about $110/year in operation and maintenance costs, plus 24
pounds per week in CO2 emissions, by driving your car one fewer day per
week. (From draft report by the task force)

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