>We are presently using the CE "anhidronie" that comes from Italy, it comes
>out of sealed bottles.  How do you clean it up, in a air drying oven at 65
>degrees C?  In a vacuum oven?
>We buy our other expendable chemicals from COSTECH, they seem to be pretty
>good.  Have you had trouble with Bruno?


I don't try to regenerate the anhydrone. Once it's spent I pitch it. I use
it new out of the sealed bottles.

I personally have not had any experience with Costech stuff, but I have
heard of people getting bad batches of chemicals from them. That is why I
always spent the extra money to get Carlo-Erba stuff from Italy (ie it was
expensive but I had never heard of any problems with it). Then, I recently
(a couple of months ago) got a bad batch of anhydrone from Carlo-Erba via
CE Elantech in NJ, methinks it has something to do with the switch from
Fisons to Thermo (at least as far as Carlo-Erba is concerned). When I had
the tailing problem I was using a new bottle of "Thermo" Carlo-Erba
anhydrone, when I switched to an earlier older bottle of "Fisons"
Carlo-Erba Anhydrone -the tailing miraculously disappeared. Evidently the
guys at CE were aware of the problem, but since most users are CHN types
they let it slide. I have since switched to Microanalysis anhydrone and
have not had any problems (at least with the current batch). I had heard
through the grapevine though, that several years ago someone had gotten a
bad batch of chemicals from them as well. Now I assume that every single
supplier that I am aware of has had a bad batch of chemicals (they probably
all get the stuff from the same manufacturer), so it is pretty much a toss
up of which is best, -you pays your money and you takes your chances.  I
have also heard of people using an individual supplier for years without
mishap, (they must be luckier than I). Personally, I can't afford to track
down problems associated with faulty chemicals, there are enough potential
things that can screw up in mass spectrometry, than to have the things you
assume will work, -not working! If you have done everything else you can
think of, and still have the tailing problem, I suggest you buy some new
anhydrone (from Microanalysis or whoever) and try it, if this fixes your
tailing problem you owe me a cold one! I would'nt be a bit surprised to
find that your bottle of CE anhydrone is from the same batch as my faulty
bottle of CE anhydrone. Keep me informed, I'm curious.

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