Mike, then Dana wrote:
>>The future of Austria's national sport lay in their hands.   the team
>>decided that one way to do this was to have a crash contest.

>Nice legend, but I don't find it credible.  It's way too risky, even >for those
bulked up superathletes

I've seen that crash a bunch of times too and besides Herminator, there were
several (non-austrian) racers who had trouble with that turn. If I remember
correctly the gate had a funky setup where there was a little bit of a liftoff
bump right where the skier is shifting from one edge to the other. At that point
in the transition from one edge to the other,  the racer's shifting motion (from
inside to outside ski) actually assisted his liftoff! It was an epic crash
though - especially watching Herminator's futile attempt to flap his arms in
midair and stabilize as he was about to land on his head at 75mph. Yikes! A
picture of him moments before touchdown was in the recent Sports Illustrated
"Greatest Photos of the Century" issue.


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