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>The gym I belong to is very attentive to total body fitness and they have us
>doing aerobic activity as well as weight training.  I've been also mountain
>biking and have felt my endurance level rise.  Balance...well, hopefully.

For balance I put my socks and shoes on standing up without leaning on
anything for support.  Just started doing it at the end of last season and
have noticed an improvement in balance already.  I suppose this could be a
real serious workout with panty hose so maybe I ought to start acting like
Joe Namath.  :-)

Seriously I have no idea how old you are and have no intention to offend.
But, I for one do a lot of little things that I refer to as old folks
exercise; always take the stairs, take them 2 at a time if they're not too
steep, park in the most distant corner of the lot, bicycle to and from the
gym rather than warm up on a stupid one size fits all stationary bike, etc.
 These things are just habits that you don't notice if you do them all the
time but they add up.

One of the instructors I know is an 84 year old WWII Tenth Mountain Div.
veteran and he is among the top 10 skiers on our staff of about 200.  He
walks a balance beam in his living room for 15 minutes every day.  He also
does 100 pushups and 100 crunches every day and rollerblades every day when
the streets are dry.  On the slopes he turns only when it is unavoidable,
never stops in mid run for a breather and leaves a lot of people half his
age in the dust.  He is about 5' 5" and 120 lbs. at most.  A few years ago
I said to him, "you know I find that every year I have to exercise harder
just to hold my ground", and he looked at me as if I had just figured out
that the sky is blue.

Denis Bogan

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